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About SMART - Swift Market Assessment Response Team - Task Force

The SMART - Swift Market Assessment Response Team - Task Force is a way to drive healthful ways, the Clean Standard, and Integrated Cleaning and Measurement (ICM) (see IEHA-ICM Booklet) more rapidly into the marketplace through dialog and discussion.


The Task Force (TF) will “meet” by email and respond to queries by the committee chair (Allen Rathey) as time permits. Rathey will query the group monthly (around the 15th of each month) asking for input on a specific topic.


The TF will consist of vendors and end-users with the early members being vendors, as this idea sprang from brainstorming a way to provide value to HFI sponsors, without endorsing any particular product or for-profit service.


“HFI is also very fortunate to have the support of the ISSA and IEHA in making sure our facts are correct about related programs that affect facility health,” said Allen Rathey, President of HFI.


To become a member of the task force, please email Allen Rathey at


The vendors involved to date include:

  • Advanced Vapor Technologies
  • Cavalier Inc.
  • GenEon Technologies
  • GTM Strategies
  • Hygiena
  • Kaivac
  • Procyon - Plus Manufacturing
  • ProTeam
  • Zadro Inc.


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